Balchik Palace, Bulgaria (by Ioana_Lungu)


Shed Light. Photo By David Hanjani


This insanely gorgeous home has an amazing story behind it.

Fonthill was the home of the American archeologist and tile maker Henry Chapman Mercer, in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Built between 1908 and 1912, it is an early example of poured-in-place concrete and features 44 rooms, over 200 windows, 18 fireplaces and 10 bathrooms. The interior was originally painted in pastel colors, but age and sunlight have all but eradicated any hint of the former hues. It contains much built-in furniture and is embellished with decorative tiles that Mercer made at the height of the Arts and Crafts movement. It is filled with an extensive collection of ceramics embedded in the concrete of the house, as well as other artifacts from his world travels, including cuneiform tablets discovered in Mesopotamia dating back to over 2300 BCE. The home also contains around 1,000 prints from Mercer’s extensive collection, as well as over six thousand books, almost all of which were annotated by Mercer himself.

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As a woman…

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Philosophy of Miyazakiby sapphiresky1410

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Selina Meyer » 3x02 “The Choice”

"If I say that I am Pro-Life, then I’m a traitor to my sex. If I say that I am Pro-Choice, then I’m a traitor to the President. Which makes me an actual traitor, by the way." 

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the moon light is shown
i feel our walls are cracking
and were so close to fall

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The closer to the end the more satisfying it gets…

the last one was an orgasm

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I’m the Vice President of the United States, you stupid little fuckers!

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Castle and church of Bled | Slovenia (by Lenart Zore)